pet games


i'm presently restarting on neopets as i lost my old account in the password reset mayhap of august 2022. 😞 i'm hoping to save up some money to make some new lovely pets, like a cybunny and a draik. my new username is crybabiez! for now, i have a very cute little christmas zafara thanks to the kindness of one of my dear friends.


2022 marks my 7th year playing subeta, and all of it has been a blast. my favorite part of playing subeta is probably the avatar dress-up!

i love making pets based off of various medias or whatever inspirations at the time i have, too! here are a few of my favorite pet colorations.

my name on subeta is comfort!


i've recently come back to webkinz after playing it on-and-off for years since 2008. my latest habit is doing all the classes and dailies for one pet, and within a month, finding a new pet to make my favorite. but all my pets are my babies!

currently, my favorite pet is a black poodle named misa. she is named after misa amane from death note.