there is no judgement in my heart if you are suffering, i know how hard it can be.

by clicking this link, you can access my drive folder of resources i've compiled pertaining to bpd. but what is borderline personality disorder?

borderline personality disorder is a cluster B (dramatic, emotional or erratic disorders) personality disorder characterized by instability in sense of self and interpersonal directions, and strong emotional reactions. no one knows for sure what causes bpd, but some risk factors include trauma, genetics, parenting, and culture.

there are nine major symptoms of borderline personality disorder. not every pwbpd experiences every symptom, but must show signs of at least five symptoms to be diagnosed.

  • impulsivity and sensation seeking
  • self-harm/suicide ideation
  • emotional instability
  • explosive anger
  • fear of abandonment
  • unclear sense of self
  • feelings of emptiness
  • unstable relationships
  • out of touch with reality