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kayla 💓 she/her 💓 bi
mi/nd 💓 canadian 💓 taken
isfj 💓 2w1 💓 sx/so

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i'm kayla. i've had an interest in coding and graphics since i was a little girl making layouts on pet sites! neocities caught my eye for its old web aesthetic compared to the sleek modernity of carrd and similar websites. the early to mid 2000s are close to my heart in many ways, from web design, to anime, to music; so much about it makes me greatly nostalgic, and provides me with comfort when things get tough.

death note, chobits, fruits basket (2001), initial d, serial experiments lain, beastars, demon slayer, tokyo mew mew, sailor moon, ouran high school host club, hunter x hunter, panty and stocking with garterbelt

overwatch, rainbow six siege, rainbow six extraction, stardew valley, the sims, pokemon, genshin impact, nekopara, animal crossing, doki doki literature club, needy streamer overload, my fluffy life, muse dash, toontown, webkinz, subeta, neopets

sociology, psychology, criminology, fashion, makeup, care bears, sanrio, dungeons and dragons, degrassi, my little pony, barbie, erboh, poetry, shopping, roleplaying, graphic design, scrapbooking, baking, cooking, loving, caring, healing

even though i am a future social worker, i love the nurse aesthetic because of the care and healing they provide to the world. i want to do my very best to heal, help, and care for people whenever possible. no one deserves to suffer in this world alone, and you are so much stronger than you know.

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