• monika - a girl he has many feelings about, many of them shaded caliginous.
  • reid - his neighbor, and a coworker at the detective agency. tumultuous.
  • zig - an adversary riding within the community chat.

Kurapika was born to the Kurta Clan in a secluded forest in the Lukso Province. As a child, he almost fell from a cliff but was saved by his best friend, Pairo. While he was unharmed, his friend Pairo had harmed both his legs and eyes, their condition worsening every day. Kurapika felt responsible for the incident and resolved to leave the forest and search the outside world for a doctor who could cure Pairo. Kurapika thus approached the Kurta Clan's elder several times to request to go to the outside world, but he was constantly refused. This sparked a long-lasting debate between the two, with Kurapika perceiving the Kurta Clan's fear of the outside world as unreasonable and backward. After an argument, he talked to Pairo and discovered that people outside of the Kurta Clan do not have Scarlet Eyes, which caused their clan to be persecuted.

At some point, Kurapika and Pairo saved a female outsider called Sheila. As thanks, she gave them a book about the adventures of the D Hunter in the outside world which they read together, their desire to visit the outside world becoming stronger. After Sheila left, Kurapika realized that the Kurta Clan's elder had stolen the book and confronted him about it. Having an argument again, the clan elder finally allowed Kurapika to take the test to go to the outside world. Studying hard and passing all the tests successfully, the elder gave him his last test: to go shopping in the outside world with a partner without revealing their Scarlet Eyes. Kurapika chose Pairo as his partner. The elder had them put drops in their eyes which would cause their eyes to remain red for days if they change color during the test. During the journey, Kurapika vowed to himself to find a way to cure Pairo so that they would be able to explore the outside world together.

While buying groceries, Kurapika and Pairo were bullied and nearly swindled by three thugs. Kurapika managed to maintain his calm only thanks to his friend. The other people at the supermarket took their side and chased the thugs away. After the boys completed their shopping, they were approached by the trio again. This time they mocked Pairo's condition, making Kurapika furious. His eyes turned scarlet and he single-handedly beat them up. The thugs revealed that the elder had paid them to rile him up. Pairo had them report that they failed. Having recognized them as Kurta, the people who had previously defended them turned violent and frightened. On the way back, Kurapika noticed that his eyes had gone back to their normal color, with Pairo disclosing that the previous day he had heard that the elder planned to cheat, and so had swapped the drops for his eye medicine.

Having passed the test, Kurapika was granted unrestricted permission to go to the outside world. Before leaving, Kurapika promised Pairo that he would return with a doctor and that they would one day go to the outside world together. Pairo had him also promise to have fun and enjoy himself while outside, having adventures just like the Hunter they read about from Sheila's book. Six weeks later, while Kurapika was away, the Kurta Clan was approached by the Phantom Troupe and massacred, their eyes sold on the black market. The news reported the death of all 128 members of the Kurta Clan and of scores of dead bodies with eyes gouged out in their wake. As the last surviving member of his clan, Kurapika vowed to gain back all the stolen eyes of his people and to arrest all of the members of the Troupe.

FULL NAME: kurapika kurta.
NICKNAME: chain bastard.
AGE: 22.
BIRTH DATE: 04/04.
GENDER: transgender male (strictly he/him).
ORIENTATION: heterosexual.
OCCUPATION: field agent @ phoenix mall detective agency, private bodyguard.

EYE COLOR: dark brown, turns scarlet with intense emotion.
HAIR COLOR: medium-length, blond.
HEIGHT + WEIGHT: 5’9, 150lbs.
TATTOOS + PIERCINGS: both earlobes.
NOTABLE PHYSICAL TRAITS: scarlet eyes, his chain "jewelry".

AILMENTS: borderline personality disorder, autism spectrum disorder.
INTELLIGENCE: genius-level intelligent.
LIKES: jewelry, cologne/fragrances, semiotics.
DISLIKES: spiders, heat, spicy food, injustice.
DISPOSITION: detached intellectual.

AESTHETIC: lonecore.
ZODIAC: aries.
WARDROBE: black suits.
MUSIC TASTE: an inclination towards emo rap.

TEMPERAMENT: melancholic-choleric.
SOUL TYPE: warrior.
ELEMENT: fire.

i'm drenched in the blood of a slaughter i can only half remember.

kurapika kurta, 22, field agent &&. private bodyguard.

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maybe it was in a dream, maybe i only imagined it all.