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she is masterful, she likes authority, she aspires toward an ideal. she likes to give advice. she is honest, frank, loyal, open, and sincere.

may like to throw herself into the unknown and into adventure; she is agile, tough, and enthusiastic. attracted to long voyages, to discovering the unknown.

although she generally doesn't come on strong, she has personal presence; and she fairly radiates stability. she, by nature, is resistant to change.

she likes to discuss, deduce, and judge. she reasons logically and accurately. she may spend a lot of time on practical matters and keeping things in order. sometimes nitpicky and nervous, secretly feeling she handles matters better than others.

she wants to succeed more than almost anything in the love life. she meets pleasant people and has very good friends, usually without too much conflict. she especially likes amusements, parties. she may have many children or love affairs.

quick decisions; she may have a lot of things on her plate and wants to succeed. she will succeed through a phenomenal work-rate. stormy or simply active family life, where her leardership or aggressiveness shows itself.