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kayla 💓 she/her 💓 in love
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helloooo! i'm kayla. i'm a soft and sensitive girl in her early twenties trying to make the best of life. i've had a fondness since i was in third grade trying to format my cattery layout and posts on mweor, and that interest continued onto sites like neopets and tumblr. i suppose it was only a matter of time before i ended up doing something like this! i struggle a bit socially and with making friends as i am autistic, but i try my very hardest to be warm, kind, and loving to all. i'm hoping to go to school for web design/development. might as well try and make this silly little interest of mine into something bigger than it is presently. i love my boyfriend nick very much! i am truthfully not good at prattling on about myself, but i hope the pages here on comfort can aide you in learning a bit about me, the webangel. spread love and be kind to each other. 😃

i don't have a "dni/byf" or anything of the sort, but we likely won't get along if you harbor different ideals than mine that are close to my heart (i.e. trans rights, blm, every child matters, etc). i'm not interested with drama so please heed this warning. thank you!


  •  discord : comfort#0444
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